#43 The Harlem Hellfighters

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Nov 19 2018 26 mins   578
The so-called “War to End All Wars” ended 100 years ago this month. In this episode, we’ll follow the all-black 369th Infantry Regiment known as the “Harlem Hellfighters” through the horrors of trench warfare, and through their struggle for equality.

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-Home by Wilbert Roget II
-Apreludes (in C sharp major) by Stars of the Lid
-Reckless by Brocker Way
-A Softer World by Luke Howard
-Mud and Blood by Johan Soderqvist
-Dawn of a New Time by John Soderqvist
-A Long Way from Texas by Wilbert Roget II
-Kansas City Shuffle by Bennie Moten
-Secrets You Could Sift by Mr. Maps
-Lale’s Theme by Warren Ellis
-How'ya Gonna Keep'em Down On the Farm by Yerkes Jazirimba Orchestra