Outreach International – Part 2

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Nov 20 2018 82 mins   1.2k
Laura left Outreach International when she was 32 years old, having been born into the sect in the late 1970s. Hear her story as she relates the experience of being a young woman in a highly patriarchal and controlling organisation, the difficult decision to leave, the trauma of starting her life from scratch, and the joy that she's found in this new life – a kind that most of us take for granted. You'll also hear from other ex-members about their experiences, and where the sect stands today. Special Guest: Laura Sullivan. Support Let's Talk About Sects: a podcast about cults Links: The Effect of Billy Graham Crusades in 1959 Still Being Felt Today — Christian Today Billy Graham in Australia, 1959 - Was it Revival? — by Dr. Stuart Piggin, Lucas: An Evangelical History Review, no. 6, Oct 1989 Letters to the Editor — Vision Magazine, No. 9, May-June 1975 Salaries for ministers rapped by church founder — by Rose Simpson, The Ottawa Journal, Wednesday July 25, 1979 The Association of Alatsatians — website with a history of the city of Alatsata Outreach International website Tony Kostas' personal website Seek Ye First — by Tony Kostas, Outreach International, 1975 The Ultimate Attainment — by Tony Kostas, Outreach Media, 1983 Building with God — series by Tony Kostas, 1985 Led Into Love — by Tony Kostas, 2016 UK Charity Commission Records — London Outreach Church Community Trust Open Charities UK — Basic charity accounts records from 30 April 2006 to 30 April 2010 for London Outreach Church Community Trust, AKA Outreach International ASIC Records for Outreach International — Australian Securities and Investments Commission Religious Trauma Syndrome: How some organized religion leads to mental health problems — by Valerie Tarico, Raw Story, 15 October 2018 Marlene Winell, Ph.D website — Professional background, education and professional history, and current work of Dr. Winell, accessed 23 October 2018 Outreach Letters Series — by Tony Kostas, 1988-89