Fiona Patten from sex to reason

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Nov 21 2018 28 mins   12
Fiona Patten, outspoken member of the upper house in Victoria has changed the name of her Sex Party to the Reason Party.
One thing we know is that everybody wants to be reasonable, but no two people can agree on exactly what it is.
Her recent book, Sex, Drugs & The Electoral Roll chronicles her career from Canberra to sex worker to sex industry lobbyist to Sex Party to Reason Party (with photos).
But why didn’t Fiona get married under a fish tank to the B-52s Rock Lobster, isn’t that every girl’s dream?
As a lobbyist for the Eros Foundation, for over 20 years she learned a lot about the inner workings of politics. You get to meet a lot of people and see a lot of things in that job.
Since being elected, she has successfully instigated physician assisted dying laws, an inquiry into drug reform, and the introduction of a bill for both a medically supervised injecting centre and pill testing.
Fiona answers the big questions here as well, such as; “What happens if you sit on the “Queens Chair” in the Victorian parliament?”
AND when will you be able to buy a gram of cocaine from the chemist? (spoiler, not in time for Xmas)
Fiona Patten’s official website.
Reason Party website
Fiona’s debate on Sunrise with Family First in 2010