#59 - Mo Mandel and Dr Ashley, The Full Release Podcast

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Nov 22 2018 83 mins   5

Happy Thanksgiving!! This episode is a match made in heaven - Married AF + The Full Release! Mo Mandel and Dr Ashley were so much fun to hang out with and we really hope we can do it again sometime. Mo is a comedian, and Dr Ashley is a dick doctor. What more could we ask for??

Make sure you go listen to their podcast The Full Release, and follow them on social media:

IG: @thefullreleasepod, @therealmomandel, @ashleygwinter

Twitter: @FullReleasePod, @momandel , @AshleyGWinter

Call and leave them a voicemail, they answer your questions on the podcast: 213-631-3460

You should also go check out Mo’s stand-up comedy special on Amazon Prime: Mo Mandel - Negative Reinforcement

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