Green Justice #706: Due Process

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Nov 23 2018 63 mins   26
Will Oliver ever get the "Due Process" he deserves? Now that he's back on Level One of Slabside, he tries to defend his sidekick Stanley, who's been accused of murdering a guard. Ricardo Diaz has eliminated the entire Bratva and brought Anatoly back to Star City to get his ultimate revenge by destroying the city. The old team sees that they will all need to work together to stop him once and for all!...without Laurel. She's a little distraught by this, and when she fails to win Oliver an appeal, she begins questioning her role as a hero. The rest of the team uses Anatoly to get to Pyotor Roslav who is supplying Diaz with the things he needs to build the bomb. It's not an easy road to save the day, but they all manage to stop the bad guys, and with the mysterious Green Arrow's help, they even successfully capture the Dragon! Now they can get their Oliver back! Jay and Josh embrace their demons on this week's Green Justice: An Arrow Podcast! Listen in and justice will be your MP3 player!