Episode 53: A Birdy’s eye view on Anxiety

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Nov 24 2018 98 mins   72
A Birdy's eye view on Anxiety is a welcomed episode to bring back our great friend, Birdy O'Sheedy. If you haven't listened to an episode with Birdy yet, it's important to note that she is a practising psychologist. Birdy works in both the human and pet dog realms and has fast attracted attention based on her genuine results.

In this episode, we discuss the realms of anxiety and how it starts and what it looks like. It should be noted that we always recommend dealing with suitably trained professionals prior to working on this.

We get to learn about the term, transgenerational transmissions and how that creates a transfer of anxiety.

So all aboard ladies and gentleman. Get ready to drop your anchor and join us on this wonderful journey with our resident Psychologist.

If you want to know more about Birdy the click here

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