Episode 51 - Dad's Army Weekend 2010 special

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Aug 20 2010 60 mins   5
Welcome to a very special episode of the Dad’s Army podcast. This episode James and Oliver bring you coverage of the 2010 Dad’s Army weekend held back in June this year. We listen in on the unveiling of the Captain Mainwaring statue and hear from both David Croft and Bill Pertwee at the ceremony. But that’s not all! At the Dad’s Army appreciation society member’s meal, I had the honour of interviewing Jimmy Perry, Harold Snoad and Michael Knowles – live on stage in front of over 200 people! I also spoke to Frank Williams and Pamela Cundell at the event who were both as charming as ever. Last but not least, I spoke to Stuart Wright, the Thetford Town Councillor and driving force behind the statue initiative – and he talks about the next project which is a re-creation of the Marigold Team Rooms! Thetford really is the place to be for all Dad’s Army fans these days! Enjoy the show and as always, send in your feedback to us at [email protected] or [email protected] We’ll be back in late September with a feedback episode.