Episode 41 - Vicar 'n' Chips special!

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Dec 01 2009 81 mins   6
And welcome to a very special episode of the Dad’s Army podcast. This episode of the show features coverage of the ‘Vicar n Chips’ event held in London on 21 November this year. We bring you Frank’s interview in its entirety – that’s over an hour Frank spent talking to Tony and I, along with brief interviews with the producer and director Frank has been working with recently. We also feature a snippet of Frank’s interview with Radio London and some clips of Frank’s more recent acting work. You can see Frank on his very own YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/user/frankwilliamstv The event and this podcast is the culmination of an incredible amount of work put into organising the event, and my thanks go to Oliver Crocker and Paul Carpenter for their invaluable help in putting the evening together. Don’t forget to check out a review of the evening over on the podcast’s blog www.dadsarmypodcast.blogspot.com and please send you feedback to us at [email protected] Enjoy the show!