Episode 40

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Nov 16 2009 58 mins   5
Welcome to Episode 40 of the Dad’s Army podcast. This time around we interview Nicolas Ridley, Arnold’s son and discuss many aspects of Arnold’s life and career. Of course Nicolas is able to provide a unique insight into the life of his father and talks about Arnold’s involvement in both world wars, his outlook on life and his attitude towards fame. Nicolas has recently written a book about his father called Godfrey’s Ghost: From Father to Son. I really enjoyed the book – for me, it stands out from the other books you may have read about the stars from Dad’s Army, partly because of the way it is told and partly as you know the facts that are given in the texts are indisputable. You can win a signed copy of the book by answering the question Nicolas asks at the end of the interview – email your entries to [email protected] and include the words ‘Godfrey’s Ghost’ in the subject line. Alternatively, you can buy Nicolas’ book from Amazon or other on-line retailers, or find out more about it from Mogzilla Life’s webpage http://www.mogzilla.co.uk/godfreysghost. We’ll be back in December for coverage of the Vicar and Chips event with Frank Williams being held on the 21st November 2009 – for more details visit the podcast’s blog – www.dadsarmypodcast.blogspot.com In the meantime, enjoy the show and send your feedback to me at [email protected]