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Oct 04 2009 24 mins   5
Welcome to the latest edition of the Dad’s Army podcast. This month we continue to sift through the vast swathes of feedback that fills up our mailbag – thank you so much to listeners who have sent in e-mails over the last month – it really is very much appreciated. This month’s feedback includes Morris dancing, Dad’s Army in the United States and Mrs Mainwaring’s bottom – although not in that order! Remember to vote for either Number Engaged or Everybody’s Trucking – podcast 39 will be out in couple of weeks and will form a commentary on whichever these two episodes gets the most votes! Register your vote by sending an e-mail to me at [email protected] or by leaving a ‘tweet’ for me on Twitter where my username is dadsarmypodcast. Remember to take a look at Katie’s new James Beck website - http://www.jamesbeckonline.co.uk/ Enjoy the show!