Episode 37

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Aug 22 2009 57 mins   5
Hello and welcome to Episode 37 of the Dad’s Army podcast. Lots of really interesting news this month – we announce the first event that the Dad’s Army podcast has had a hand in organising (along with the Appreciation Society) and that’s a ‘Vicar and Chips’ evening being held in November 2009 with none other than Frank Williams. Tune in to find out more! We also cover the imminent publication of Nicolas Ridley’s book about his father (Arnold Ridley, Pte Godfrey) and review Ian Lavender’s recent interview on LBC Radio. All that, and loads of feedback! We finally go through the podcast’s mailbag and read the vast swathes of e-mails listeners have sent in. Along with a short review of The Armoured Might of Lance Corporal Jones, what more could you possibly want?! Oh, I made a rather big error when discussing Everybody’s Trucking – I mistook it for Number Engaged! Apologies, and I will address on the September podcast. The urls mentioned in the promos that feature in this episode are: The Box Room: http://theboxroom.mevio.com/ Waffle On podcast: http://waffleon.podbean.com/ The Flashing Blade podcast: http://www.flashingblade.org.uk/ Enjoy the show.