Episode 36

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Jul 08 2009 66 mins   5
Welcome once again to another edition of the Dad’s Army podcast. This month we bring you an absolutely jammed-packed episode full of features. Frank Williams and Oliver Crocker join me to discuss the vicar-centric episode The Recruit. We also feature the speeches made by Bill Pertwee, David Croft, Jimmy Perry, Harold Snoad, Philip Madoc, John Clegg, Michael Knowles and Frank once again at the Dad’s Army Appreciation Society’s Members Meal. If that wasn’t enough we also go through the most recent Dad’s Army news. Given this podcast runs at just over an hour, the feedback section I mention in the intro will now feature in podcast 37 which is due for an August release. Don’t forget to check out all the news stories we mention on the Dad’s Army podcast’s blog at www.dadsarmypodcast.blogspot.com and follow me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/dadsarmypodcast As always, please send your feedback to me at [email protected] Enjoy the show.