Episode 44

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Feb 10 2010 40 mins   5
Hello and welcome to Episode 44 of the Dad’s Army podcast. This month Oliver and I discuss the recent Dad’s Army board game/e-bay story, read a review from one of our listeners on Nicolas Ridley’s new book about his father - Godfey’s Ghost, and to a triumphant fanfare, announce the winner of the signed copy of that very book. All that, and a commentary on the superb series six episode, The Honourable Man. What more could you possibly ask for?! In March’s podcast, we’ll be reviewing the very first episode of Dad’s Army, The Man and the Hour, so please send in your thoughts and comments to me at [email protected] and we’ll read them out and discuss them during our review. As usual, you can follow the podcast on twitter – www.twitter.com/dadsarmypodcast and keep an eye on the blog – yes, despite me neglecting it far too much! That’s over at www.dadsarmypodcast.blogspot.com. Enjoy the show.