Episode 30

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Dec 13 2008 38 mins   6
Welcome to Episode 30 of the Dad’s Podcast. Normal service is resumed with a return to the tried and tested format of the podcast. We have a wealth of news to talk about this time around – with previously lost Dad’s Army material being found and an old black and white episode being restored to full colour, there’s a lot to discuss!! It's been a truly fantastic last couple of months for Dad's Army fans. Our featured episode this podcast is about season three’s Menace from the Deep – Angela makes a return to podcast and joins me in discussing this highly regarded early episode. Please feel free to get in touch, feedback is always very welcome and usually makes it onto a future podcast – contact me at [email protected] I am particularly interested in hearing from listeners who have seen the colour version of Room at the Bottom - we'll be talking about this news item in more detail in a future episode. Thanks for listening and enjoy the podcast.