Happy 40th Anniversary!

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Jul 31 2008 1 mins   5
Hooray! Dad's Army is officially 40 years old today. The first episode entitled 'The Man and the Hour' was first broadcast on the BBC on 31st July 1968. Since then, 80 full length episodes were made and broadcast over the next nine years - not to mention a feature film and a radio series. The affection Dad's Army generates simply has not faded since the programme went of air in 1977. Repeats are regularly shown on the BBC and many other cable channels (now how exactly would you have explain multi-channel telly to Corporal Jones?!) and has always achieved very respectable ratings. Even today, the programme continues to attract young viewers and the recent stage play has helped Dad's Army gain a whole new audience. Sadly, so many of the original cast are no longer with us, but those surviving members champion the programme and what its stands for in today's society. The BBC are celebrating the anniversary this weekend - take a listen to hear what planned, or hop on over to the podcast's blog at www.dadsarmypodcast.blogspot.com to see the listings in print. Or text. Oh you know what I mean...! Podcast 26 will be on-line this weekend.