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Jun 18 2008 40 mins   6
In this podcast James and Tony discuss Croft and Perry Day 2008, interview the delightful Pamela Cundell (who played Mrs Fox in the programme, and in the last episode Never Too Old, became Mrs Jones when she married Corporal Jones) and talk about the BBC’s plans to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the show. Our featured episode this week is series four’s The Test. The sound quality is not so good in this podcast I'm afraid - mainly because I am in the middle of decorating my office at home - it's floor-boarded and therefore very echoey. Hope this doesn't spoil your enjoyment too much. We’ll be back with podcast 24 in three weeks or so when we’ll be discussing The Two and Half Feathers – feel free to let us have your comments on this episode and we’ll include them in the show. Enjoy the podcast.