Episode 19

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Apr 25 2008 29 mins   8
James brings you Episode 19 of the podcast. Lots of news this week about the programmes 40th anniversary and the events that are being held to celebrate the milestone. There's the Appreciation Society' Croft and Perry Day on the 11th May, and Thetford Council are planning an whole weekend of celebration. We talk about what in store for those who pay Thetford a visit on either the 26th or the 27th July. Paul Carpenter of the Dad’s Army Appreciation Society joins us once again, this time to discuss the season five story, Time on my Hands. Be warned – we had a nightmare recording this section of the podcast and the quality does dip considerably. It is far more listenable if you listen to this part through speakers rather than using headphones. Hope it doesn’t spoil your enjoyment too much. We will be back in one week’s time with a special podcast previewing the Bressingham event. As always, please send you feedback to us at [email protected]