006: Unique Ways to Use the Top 10 Oils and Blends!

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Oct 18 2018 42 mins   8
Hey everyone, join us for a great podcast on our top 10 (unique) ways to use the top 10 essential oils and blends! On this podcast you will learn about: Join the Essential Oil Healthcare Movement Thanks for Listening!  Show notes from today's show: Frank:                           00:09                Hey everyone this is Frank and Jackie Ritz and we're here for essential oil healthcare radio and I'm actually pretty excited tonight. We'll get to talk about the top 10 oils, but most importantly we get to talk about top 10 unique uses of the oils and blends. We're going to give you guys some crazy, unique and amazing ways to use the top 10 most popular essential oils. So without any of Frank:                           00:37                further ado, let's get started. But first and foremost, we should probably talk about like for any listeners that don't really know like what exactly are oils and what exactly what does doTERRA even mean? Jackie:                          00:48                Yeah, so I think today what we're going to do for you guys is we'll talk a little bit about, um, what essential oils are, how to use them, where to get them from or where you know, they come from around the world. And then our, we're going to talk with you guys about some unique ways that we use essential oils around our farm and our home. And then also just give you guys some ideas for using the top 10 oils. So it shouldn't take too long. I think will probably be around here for about 20, 30 minutes, but you know how frank is over here. He likes to. He likes to Chit Chat Frank:          &n