004: What is Disrupting Healthcare?

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Oct 09 2018 28 mins   7
How can you take charge of your health and be a healthcare disrupter?  This podcast episode discusses how to get started On today's Podcast: 
  • Top 10 Causes of Death in the World
  • Top 10 Causes of Death in the US
  • One of the biggest causes of stress, depression and anxiety
  • What is Healthcare Disruption?
  • Finding Mental Health
  • 5 Healthy Habits to get started with! 
We are on Spotify now!!   Resources mentioned on this show:  Join the Essential Oil Healthcare Movement Thanks for Listening!  Show Notes:  Frank:                           00:10                Hey y'all, welcome to the essential oil healthcare radio podcast. I am Frank Ritz. I'm a PA and next to me is founder and the Paleo Mama blog. I'm a budding herbalists, almost done with my certification and I'm also the author at everyday natural you, Amazon or barnes and noble. So we're so excited that you have joined us today. We're gonna. Talk about the disruption of healthcare. Now. This is a concept that might be new to you and we want to just help unpackage it and help you understand what we mean when we're talking about disrupting healthcare. I feel like starting off with the discussion of health care, want to make sure that we let out a quick caveat. By all means, we love. I mean personally, I love the fact that we have a society where we can have a healthcare provider centered with us partnering with us in order to be able to help our wellness to the degree that we can here in America. Frank:                           01:07                But the fact of the matter is, is that we have a issue with the rest of what we can be doing for our healthcare and that's what we want to talk to you about today is we want to tal