Galactic Squad: Alpha #1 Parsecs

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Sep 07 2018 44 mins   15

The year is 2450 and our small corner of the Galaxy is very different. We have science bases in orbit around ever planet. We mine the asteroid belts for precious metals and ice. But the one thing we have not accomplished is faster than light technology... till now! Dr. Anna Kim and her team at the Neptune Research Collective have invented the very first portal drive. With this new drive, they will be the first too explore the stars beyond our solar system.

We use Fate Core. Our GM is Wes Otis. Our players are Mac Beauvais as the uplifted wolf LV-113, Teri Gamble as Dr.Sam Hill, Michelle Otis as Dr. Claudia Martins, and Kelsey Osborne as S.A.R.A.

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