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Jan 08 2019 76 mins   95

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has evolved into powerful content services. In this episode, we talk about the shift in use of ECM solutions to content services and what it means for organizations today. Hear solutions, strategies, and thoughts on future technologies for records and content management for organizations small to large. Guests include Ian Story, PPM of OneDrive and SharePoint, and AIIM Board Chair, along with past AIIM president John Mancini, Forrester Principal Analyst Cheryl McKinnon, and Microsoft ecosystem partner Record Point.

Running Time: 1hr 16min

Show Intro + Topic of the Week – ECM [00:00:00:00]

Guest Perspective – Ian Story, Principal Program Manager, OneDrive and SharePoint [00:05:45:00]

Guest Perspective – ECM and AIIM Roundtable with Ian Story, John Mancini, Cheryl McKinnon [00:23:30:00]

Guest Perspective – Erica Toelle and Anthony Woodward, Record Point [00:39:30:00]

FAQ [01:04:10:00]

Upcoming Events [01:10:50:00]

Show Wrap [01:14:30:00]

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