Episode 14: So you want to be a digital nomad

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Jan 21 2019 32 mins   3

You may have seen them on the roads. They’re the ones in converted busses, refurbished vans, and sometimes regular old RVs. They’re the ones living on the cheap in Southeast Asia or working in the rapidly expanding network of co-working spaces across the globe. They’re the ones who have sold their houses and most of their possessions in exchange for the freedom to roam wherever the road may take them. They’re the ones who are working in the ‘gig economy,’ coding the websites that you browse, creating the apps you use, designing the graphics you see, and writing the stories you read. They’re the ones with little stability, but vast amounts of freedom to be where they want to be, when they want to be there. They are digital nomads. Have you ever thought about ditching your 9-5, selling your possessions, and joining the ranks of the digital nomad movement? Tune in and listen to my interview with Sam Matthew, legal counsel for from Remote Year, about being a digital nomad himself, some of the legal fine print to think about, and how he is helping to write new immigration laws to bring regulation up to speed with how work gets done in the 21st century.