2016 in Review

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Dec 19 2016 29 mins   7
2016 proved to be a particularly interesting year on the geopolitical stage. As Stratfor said last year in our annual forecast, "the defining events of 2016 will raise apprehension around the world, leading into what will likely be an even more tumultuous 2017 as an array of developing conflicts comes into sharper focus." To delve deeper into what happened, where things stand and what lies ahead, Stratfor Vice President for Global Analysis Reva Goujon returns to the podcast to discuss our scorecard for 2016. As guest host Cole Altom says, the passage of time is the ultimate vindication so we'll look at lessons learned, Stratfor's unique methodology and a peek at the year ahead.
Then Vice President for Africa Operations Mark Schroeder answers one of our listener questions about the relationship between South Africa and the rest of the continent and Evan Rees from Stratfor's editorial team highlights some of our picks from this year's holiday gift guide.
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