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This episode turns up the volume on two heartbeats of the SharePoint community – Ignite and SharePoint Conference (SPC) events. Special guests include Jeff Medford, Director of Product Marketing for Microsoft 365 (Ignite), and Bill Baer, SharePoint Senior Product Marketing Manager (SPC). We bring to light the work behind the scenes, planning, purpose, audience goals, engagement highlights – and SWAG. Also, for Intrazone listeners, we announce several big discount offers and prizes for our biggest SharePoint event, SPC19.

Running Time: 64min

Show Intro [00:00:00:00]

Topic of the Week – Microsoft Events [00:01:50:00]

Guest Perspective – Jeff Medford, Microsoft Ignite and Ignite The Tour [00:07:15:00]

Guest Perspective – Bill Baer, SharePoint Conference (SPC19), speakers, highlights and more [00:25:00:00]

FAQs [00:47:50:00]

Upcoming Events [00:55:30:00]

Show Wrap [01:03:25:00]

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Upcoming Events:

SPS Events, Twitter @SPS_Events

SharePoint Fest Washington, D.C. April 29 - May 3, 2019, Twitter @SharePointFest

SharePoint Conference North America, May 21-23, 2019, Las Vegas, NV

Microsoft Ignite | The Tour (various cities worldwide)

SPTechCon, Austin, TX, February 10-13, 2019

North American Collaboration Summit, Branson, MO, March 14-15, 2019

AIIM Conference, San Diego, CA, March 26-28, 2019

European Collaboration Summit, Wiesbaden, Germany, May 27-29, 2019

Microsoft Business Applications Summit, Atlanta, GA, June 10-11, 2019

ESPC, European SharePoint Conference, Office 365 & Azure Conference - December 2-5, 2019, Prague, Czech Republic

Microsoft Build 2019, Seattle, WA

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