Mr. Michael Santos' Story (STORY SHARE) - [Voices That Are Not Always Heard Series]

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Jun 25 2015 21 mins   6
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VOICES THAT ARE NOT ALWAYS HEARD SERIES: The Story Of A Man Who Spent 25 Years In Prison Mr. Santos spent more than a quarter century in prison. While in prison, he was able to: earn university degrees, publish more than a dozen books, earn a substantial, taxable income, marry his wife and build strong support networks, and ultimately emerge successfully, with dignity. In this episode, you will learn how Mr. Santos changed during his time in prison and how he was able to do all that he did while he was incarcerated and you will learn all the inspiring things that he is now doing. CHECK OUT: 1.) Michael Santos: 2.) The Interview Girl FOUNDATION: 3.) Interview Girl On YOUTUBE: 4.) Victoria's New BOOK: 5.) DOCUMENTARY Film About WWII Coming Soon: The Interview Girl Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving others and making a difference in this world by eliminating miseries that others experience. Stories, advice, interviews, and content are shared for the purpose of helping others (eliminating misery). Every project completed helps a different cause. People throughout the world experience various miseries and each product produced at the Interview Girl Foundation aids someone who is experiencing misery. The Interview Girl Foundation is a DO-GOOD organization that uses STORIES to achieve SOCIAL GOOD. JOIN THE 7-DAY STORY CHALLENGE TODAY!: