Ep. 168 - DC McCallister: The Democrats Unmitigated Disaster

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Feb 13 2019 45 mins   13

Ep. 168 - The Unmitigated Disaster of #IlhanOmar's #antisemitism, #AlexadriaOcasioCortez #AOC's green deal and their embracing of #Socialism. DC McAllister returns to discuss the just how crazy the Left is getting, and also gives us her movie review of Spike Lee's #BlacKKKlansman and what the narrative suggests. Find "Spygate: The Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. Trump" her #NYTimes bestselling book co-authored with Dan Bongino. https://amzn.to/2UsO3Dx
Denise is a Contributor to the Federalist, PJMedia, and the Daily Wire. Follow her on Twitter @McAllisterDen.


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