Episode 47 - A whole lotta crazy from the indies! Batman Who Laughs #3, Flash #64, Captain Marvel #2, Blackbird #5, Gideon Falls #11

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Feb 19 2019 99 mins   2

PLEASE READ! Hey so before we get started, a quick note on Captain Marvel #2's discussion. So the villain's name is Nuclear Man, and he was formerly called Mahkizmo. We got that mixed up initially and ended up calling him Masochist, which is definitely not what Mahkizmo means. Sorry about that!

Hey-yo citizens! This week we talk all things Batman Who Laughs #3, Flash #64, Captain Marvel #2, Blackbird #5, and Gideon Falls #11. It’s an amazing week for indie comics, and these issues further cement to us that indie comics are the future of the industry. We feel the creative freedom that comics creators get really help the story shine and allow for many unexpected things to happen, and Blackbird and Gideon Falls are the perfect examples of that.

But before we get into comics, we catch up on the week we’ve been having, and it has been dominated by - you guessed it - Dokkan! But this time for good reason! The new Broly movie banner came out for our Global version that we play, and the units are all the hype! We dropped stones after stones to try to get these units. Let’s see how we did!

The coffee we’ll be brewing this week is called Sumava roasted by Rosso Coffee Roasters. At the initial sniff test, there’s a pretty earthy undertone, but we can’t seem to get anything distinct from it. Let’s see how the tasting goes!

What did you think about this episode? Do you think Batman made the right choice? Do you agree with our sentiment on Captain Marvel? Are you excited about the future of Blackbird and Gideon Falls? Let us know what you think!


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Time Stamps:

Intro: 0:00:05

Comics segment: 0:10:42

Start of Batman Who Laughs #3 discussion: 0:14:38

Start of Flash #64 discussion: 0:25:49

Start of Captain Marvel #2 discussion: 0:36:08

Start of Blackbird #5 discussion: 0:56:31

Start of Gideon Falls #11 discussion: 1:09:13

Coffee discussion: 1:23:30

The Humble Heroes Agency: 1:26:42

The Cosmic Treadmill / Outro: 1:34:21


Batman Who Laughs #3

Click here

Flash #64

Click here

Captain Marvel #2

Click here

Blackbird #5

Click here

Gideon Falls #11

Click here


Sumava roasted by Rosso Coffee Roasters


The Humble Hero Agency:

We found that there were some awesome fan made superhero ideas out there, and we figured, let’s talk about some of those on the show and have some fun with them! You can find them at the Superhero Fanon Wikia page. If you have any cool superhero ideas that you’d like to share or have featured on this show, send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll be more than happy to feature it!

This week’s new Humble Hero candidate: RaDiO!

You can find more about RaDiO here

The Cosmic Treadmill / Preview for next episode:

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Batman #65, High Level #1, Justice League #18, Guardians of the Galaxy #2, Venom #11, Sharkey Bounty Hunter #1

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