Memorial to Satan, Satanism, and Devil Worship

Jan 29 2017 9 mins   11
Dedicated to the King of the World, Satan. He has established His kingdom and in this podcast, I pay tribute to Him and those Satanists who have been subjected to the REAL Satanic Ritual Abuse at the hands of delusional fools of established religions! No More!! Satan has charged His people with the task of educating and informing those seeking truth of Satanism. From the black is time. The gates of Hell are open and our Demonic Brethren are at our side. Right will be Right and no longer shall we suffer at the hands of liars and hypocrites - No More!! The true evil perpetuated by established religions has cost ALL OCCULT Brothers and Sisters so much pain and suffering without regard. Victims of those religions of money and lies will learn the meaning of slavery, control and injustice; as Satanists worldwide have always known. Your faith is useless; your promises unfulfilled; your savior...a myth.