Episode 50 - We made it! Milestone episode! Batman #66, Green Lantern #5, Justice League #19, Young Justice #3, Die #4

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Mar 12 2019 124 mins   1

You guys! It’s a huge milestone week for us as we finally hit episode 50! Words can’t express how excited, and how grateful we are to have been able to put out content every week and have an audience for it :) So a big thank you to everyone on this journey with us, and allowing us to share our passion with you!

This week we tackle the return to Knightmare in Batman #66, a recruitment scheme in Green Lantern #5, a mischievous encounter in Justice League #19, the humbling and bumbling team in Young Justice #3, and dive deeper than ever in the dark world of Die #4.

After our usual Humble Heroes Agency segment, we go into a discussion about our show’s progress over the past year, and we look back at how some of our perspectives have changed while doing the show. We hope you enjoy our discussion. We also want to know how you think we can improve our show, as we are always looking for feedback and how we can put out a better product for our audience. Make sure you hit us up by email or Twitter and let us know!

For our coffee this week we have a brew called Nemba roasted by Propeller Coffee Company. We always receive amazing coffee from Propeller, and we have no doubt that this week is going to be the same!

What did you think about this episode? Are you satisfied with Selina’s answer? Where does Hal’s allegiance lie? What do you think will become of Superman? Let us know what you think!


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Time Stamps:

Intro: 0:00:05

Comics segment: 0:09:41

Start of Batman #66 discussion: 0:11:52

Start of Green Lantern #5 discussion: 0:27:18

Start of Justice League #19 discussion: 0:39:50

Start of Young Justice #3 discussion: 0:53:31

Start of Die #4 discussion: 1:02:08

Coffee discussion: 1:18:47

The Humble Heroes Agency: 1:24:19

Year One in review: 1:35:46

The Cosmic Treadmill / Outro: 2:01:48


Batman #66

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Green Lantern #5

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Justice League #19

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Young Justice #3

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Die #4

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Nemba roasted by Propeller Coffee Company


The Humble Heroes Agency:

We found that there were some awesome fan made superhero ideas out there, and we figured, let’s talk about some of those on the show and have some fun with them! You can find them at the Superhero Fanon Wikia page. If you have any cool superhero ideas that you’d like to share or have featured on this show, send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll be more than happy to feature it!

BUT! This week is a little different, as we share with you heroes of our own creation! We hope you enjoy them!

This week’s new Humble Hero candidate: Chronos and Fast Guy!

The Cosmic Treadmill / Preview for next episode:

Coming up next!

The Batman Who Laughs: The Grim Knight #1, Blackbird #6

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