Fly Fish Ohio presents the Carrot Nymph!

Dec 07 2010 7 mins   12
Welcome to the show for November 2010. If you've been following this series, you know that we focus on "fishing" flies over "pretty" flies. To that end, a good fishing fly is easy to tie, uses easy to find materials, catches many species of fish and works under a variety of conditions. When a fly exhibits all those attributes and incorporates a touch of orange, it really gets our attention. The Carrot Nymph is just such a fly. It's an awesome bluegill and bass nymph, but if you toss it in front of a feeding carp you'll experience the fishing version of a pot-head at a Dorito's convention! If you'd like to see this video in high-definition, please join us at where you can download all our new patterns in 720p!