Using QR Code to Direct Customers to Your Shopping Cart

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Today, we shared a QR Codes for Business Marketing idea of how to use QR Code to drive traffic to your shopping cart Using QR Code to Direct Customers to Your Shopping Cart

Liza: Hello this is Liza bringing to you 52 marketing and promotional ideas for your business.  Today I am in a beautiful day spa in Neutral Bay and sitting next to me I have Chanyar who is the manager here and we are at Mum Sa Bai Thai Massage here in Neutral Bay so thank you for joining us.  So you guys have got a few different day spas don’t you?

Chanyar: Yes.

Liza: How many do you have?

Chanyar: We have two.

Liza: So other than Neutral Bay, where is your other one?

Chanyar: The other one is in Coogee.

Liza: So how long have you guys been around?

Chanyar: Coogee is five years and Neutral Bay is three years now.

Liza: Wow okay so you have been around for quite a while now.  Fantastic, well done.  So Chanyar what we do on our episode is that we share different marketing ideas for business owners like yourself so it gives you more ideas to use for your business.  So for this episode we want to talk about QR codes for business marketing.  So the last three episodes we have been doing we have been giving business owners different ideas on how to use this.  So this is the fourth idea on how to use a QR code.  So what a QR code is really great for is when people scan this you can take them to a website or a booking page.  So I’ve got an example here.  This is our lifestyle online mobile app so for those of you who can see, it’s right here.  So there is a button here called ‘QR scanner’, can you press that for me?  So now you can see it’s going into a scanner so now you just click on ‘Scan QR code.’  So you can see that this becomes a scanner.  So I’ll get you to hold this for me (passes phone) and if you can scan this for me (holding QR code).  So you can see the example I’ve given here has taken you to the order page for your salon here, so you can have a look (shows order page on phone).  So I noticed with your shop you have got posters out there that say book online for a special price.  So what you can do is put this code on the poster as well.  So when people are out there and see it and think, that’s a good idea I want to book now, it goes straight to the booking page not just to your website and then people can say, “Oh cool I can make a booking.”   Then they can choose which kind of massage they want and they can book there.  So you are just making it easier for customers to do business with you.  So have you guys done something like this?

Chanyar: No, not yet.

Liza: But now something to consider in the future?

Chanyar: Yes.

Liza: So we hope you have got some ideas from this particular episode on another way to use a QR code.  So like I said a QR code is really good to take people to a page, it could be your shopping cart. You might have a special that you are promoting and then people can scan it and go straight to the purchase page or a booking page, so making it easier for customers to do business with you.  So Chanyar what we do is invite our guest to share something funny that has happened in the business and I can imagine working in a massage salon you will have some funny stories so can you give us an example of something that has happened?

Chanyar: A client came here to get a massage and she put her shoes on the wrong side.

Liza: So she was so relaxed that she put it the wrong way!  So you guys must be very good with your massages.  So if you want to get relaxed and enjoy yourselves make sure you come here.  What’s the name of your business again?

Chanyar: Mum Sa Bai.

Liza: And what’s the name of your website?


Liza: Excellent so Mum Sa Bai in Neutral Bay and Coogee.  Make sure you say hello to Chanyar. Thanks for joining us.

Chanyar: Thank you, Liza. 

Liza: Bye bye! 

Chanyar: Bye!


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