Using QR Code to Reward Your Customers Immediately

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Jan 28 2013 6 mins   1
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If you want your customers to take action, giving them something will make the process lot easier. Liza Choa tells us how to reward your customers immediately using a QR code.

Barramundi Bar and Grill is a very busy and established restaurant in heart of Sydney. While learning how to pour a beer behind the bar, Liza showed Jack an example of how to generate a QR coupon as a reward program for your customers.

Some highlight from this episode are:   Small Business Marketing Mastery  - Using QR Code to Reward Your Customers Immediately

 - Use QR Coupon for creating an immediate reward to incentivise customers to take action

- Use a system such as a mobile app to create the coupon and make it seamless for your customers

- Make it non-repeat and have a system to manage this so this becomes a once-off reward for a simple action

- Have clear concise point-of-sale materials to let your customers know about the QR Coupon

- Ensure your staff are well trained about this QR Coupon to assist your customers

By the way, you have to visit Jack’s restaurant and check out the Mermaid Tank he is building on the roof! ;)


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We would like to thank Jack of Barramundi Bar & Grill Sydney for participating in this episode. To find out more about Barramundi Bar & Grill, please visit: