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Jan 28 2013 4 mins   2
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Liza Choa shares some great tips on promoting your specials.



Liza: Hi this is Liza bringing to you 52 marketing and promotional ideas for your business. Today we have got Troy the owner of The Balcony Bar on Erskine Street in Sydney. Thanks for joining us. So Troy every episode we always share a marketing idea with our audience and our audience are business owners like yourself. So for this episode what we wanted to talk about is something related to bars and restaurants. A lot of restaurants have a specials menu and very often the only time you’ve found out about the specials menu is by the time you have walked in, sat down and then the waiter or the waitress will come out with the board and say, “This is our special for the day.” Sometimes it’s the special that attracts people to come in, right? So the idea is if you already have specials for your business is to communicate them all the time to your database. So places to do it would be your website, twitter, Facebook and those of you that have a mobile app; that is a merge in technology right now. So that you have it in there so the people that have your app they can see it but what is also very powerful is to send push notifications out. So, “The specials are out, the coriander is so fresh that our chef decided today to make a special out of it.” So then people can go to the app, the website or Facebook and check it out. The other thing that people can do is to have images, so pictures speak one thousand words. When you say the word prosciutto you don’t think of the word you think of the image. So when you’ve got a special get the chef to take a photo with your iPhone. Just switch it to HD, good quality and take a photo and then put it along with your post. So that’s the marketing idea. So Troy for your business how do you communicate your specials?  Promoting Your Specials

Troy: Yeah well like you said technology has grown very quick especially with the internet stuff. The specials have been around for a long time, we do use Facebook now. We put up a daily special with a picture. That’s probably increased business by about 20% which is really positive. Also we do it on Twitter and we have a VIP membership from our database and we send out a weekly promotional email about what’s going on every week. Ideally what you are talking about with the app is definitely the way to go and I’m excited about doing that in the future.

Liza: Awesome, cool. So there you go another very established business owner utilising the strategy we have shared on this episode. So we always wrap up every episode Troy with inviting our guests to share either their favourite joke or something that has happened at the business. So what have you got for us?

Troy: Okay well I’m not a very funny person but I do remember one time I had a gentleman at the bar; he came flying off his stool. I said to one of my patrons “Can you be a good samaritan and please take this gentleman home?” He obliged and on the way to the car they fell over about ten times, eventually got him in the car and he said to the gentleman, “Where abouts do you live?” And the bloke pointed him on the right direction. Got him out of the car, fell over another three or four times, finally got to the door and rung the door bell and his wife came to the door and she said, “Thank you very much.” Then she had a puzzled look on her face and she said, “Where’s his wheel chair?”

Liza: Thank you Troy for joining us on this episode. So stay tuned for more episodes to find out more marketing and promotional ideas for your business. Bye bye!

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