Increase Your Authority by Creating Your YouTube Channel

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Jan 28 2013 5 mins   1
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Here, we discuss how to increase your authority by having your own YouTube Channel…

Liza: Hi. This is Liza, bringing to you 52 marketing and promotional ideas for your business. We just had an awesome night here at the Laugh Garage Comedy Club and seating next to me is the founder of the Laugh Garage, Darren.

Darren: Thank you Liza. I’m glad you had a good night. It was a good night, was it?

Liza: It was kind of funny.

Darren: If I may say so myself. It was a great night. The emcee was fantastic, wasn’t he?

Liza: I heard the emcee introduced the speaker, the comedian.

Darren: Yes, the speaker. Yeah. You know the lingo. That’s good.

Liza: Right. All right. Well thanks for having us. So now I’m going to be sharing the marketing idea with our audience.

Darren: That’s good, please. Tell them.

Liza: OK. So the marketing idea for this episode is about content, specifically about video content. Just like what we’re doing now. OK. So now why …

Darren: That’s a video.

Liza: Yes, sir. Did we surprise you?

Darren: Yeah. That’s good.

Liza: OK. So why is video content so powerful? As you can see, you capture a lot of emotions.It is active. It is way more interesting than just plain, boring text, right? So when people watch videos, they really get a sense of your business and what you’re offering. Now you have …

Darren: I got what? See with text, you can’t step up. You just go delete, control, alt delete, type again but now you have to keep going.

Liza: On video, it all gets captured and it actually gets quite interesting, doesn’t it?

Darren: Very.

Liza: Now whether you are providing a product or service, videos are awesome. So for example, if you are in a restaurant and you might wander, “What kind of videos can I do?” You can get your chef to be making the dishes and you have them on camera. Can you imagine that? You can see the type of food that is getting cooked and you’re about to eat them.

Darren: I can imagine that.

Liza: Awesome. Now, if you sell a product, some people go, “Well, if I sell products, can I make videos?” Of course you can. Now if you haven’t heard of this company, you can Google this, Don’t do it right now. It’s Z-A-P-P-O-S dot com. They just sold – just last year, they sold to Amazon for $1.2 billion and they started it off by selling shoes online. Now they sell clothes, accessories, everything, and they have got a video that goes with all their products. They weren’t professionally made. It was just done by their staff.

Darren: I’m not going to say anything.

Liza: OK. So videos are very powerful and are a lot of fun. Now the added thing that is great for videos is that it is search engine optimization opportunity, SEO opportunity. Do you know what that is, Darren?

Darren: No.

Liza: It just means that you show up on Google higher and you want that.

Darren: OK.

Liza: Yes.

Darren: There you go. See, you’re teaching me stuff already.

Liza: So basically, when you’ve got videos, it’s another opportunity for your content to be optimized and it shows up on Google. The bottom line is that people will find you, will find your business, will find your website. When you have videos on your website, did you know that people stay on your website 75 percent longer compared to websites without videos.

Darren: I know when I’ve been on websites, I usually pick the ones with videos.

Liza: And you always click Play, don’t you?

Darren: Uh-huh.

Liza: Another great thing with videos is that when you have videos on your site, it actually improves conversion by 30 percent. So whatever you want them to do, they’re more likely to do it by 30 percent just by having a video with you saying, “Do it now.”

Darren: Click here.

Liza: Click here. Buy. Right. I hope that you’ve got some great ideas from this video today from this episode.

Darren: Or if not, just had fun.

Liza: And talking about having fun.

Darren: Yes.

Liza: We always wrap up every episode with our guest sharing a joke and being a comedian, I know it’s going to be difficult for you.

Darren: It is, because we don’t actually tell – a lot of people think we go and tell jokes but what we do is tell stories that hopefully have a humorous ending rather than the chicken-cross-the-road type of thing.

Liza: Right.

Darren: But as I was telling you before, if we could have people log onto our site and then just having fun, that would be a joy because nobody ever listens to me on the phone. You notice that.

Liza: Yes, tell me more about that.

Darren: Well, somebody rang today and he said, “Hi.” I answered the phone. “It’s Laugh Garage Company Club,” and then they will go, “Is this the comedy club?” I was like, “Yeah, I just said that.” She goes, “How long is the show?” I said, “Oh, eight inches.” She said, “What?” I said, “Two hours.” She goes, “Oh, yeah. OK. It’s cool.” People don’t listen. They watch. They don’t listen.

Liza: All right. Well Darren, thank you so much for joining us. I hope you had some fun and learned a few things and we will see you at the next episode. Bye-bye.

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