Using Photos for Facebook Competitions

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Jan 28 2013 5 mins   1
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In this business marketing idea update, Liza Choa tells us how to use photos for Facebook competitions.

Small Business Marketing Mastery Presents

Interview with Graeme

from Sailing Sydney Pyrmont

Using Photos for Facebook Competitions

Liza: Hello, here we are gorgeous Monday morning with Sailing Sydney. We are filming this episode 52 marketing ideas and guess what they decided to do? They wanted to hang me up here and I’m losing balance but it’s still a lot of fun. I decided to do the episode down there but I thought this would be something different for you guys. So stayed tuned, give me one second to come down and we will continue with the marketing idea for this week. Okay I’m back down here on solid ground rather than floating and hanging up there. Thanks to Graeme, one of the Directors of Sailing Sydney. Graeme thanks for joining us and thanks for putting me up there.   

Graeme: Thank you and we’ll put you back up there afterwards.

Liza: So for the 52 marketing ideas for this week what we want to share with you for this episode is utilising social media. Particularly we want to talk about Facebook. Now everyone always talks about Facebook and a lot of businesses try to get a lot of likes on Facebook. But you really need to have a strategy behind that and one of the ideas that we want to share for this episode is running competitions. Now with a business like this where you are by the beautiful Sydney Harbour I would imagine a lot of your clients would take photos while they are sailing, right?

Graeme: Yes.

Liza: Photos are really powerful as they say a picture tells one thousand words. Imagine you run a competition while all these people are taking photos of the great time they are having with you guys. Then they post the pictures on their Facebook but what you get them to do is you get them to tag your business page so that their content shows up on your business page. Then the competition is the photos with the most amount of likes, comments and shares over a period of time gets the chance to win something. So the power in a competition like this is that when those people who are your customers on the boat post on their Facebook their friends tend to be of a similar demographic. So therefore they will be your potential customers so it’s about getting your brand out there to your potential customers and user generated content is extremely powerful. So we have seen many other businesses do something similar that have been extremely successful. One that comes to mind is Lexus. They use Facebook extremely well, they run competitions really well. So that is the idea for this particular episode. But what’s really important is that you communication this competition very clearly. So you might want to have it on your website but also because they’re taking photos on the boat you might want to have print materials or information on the boat so it can be communicated to the people on the boat. So that’s the idea for this particular episode. So Graeme, have you guys done something similar to this or thought of something like that?

Graeme: We haven’t done anything like this but we have been thinking of how we can use Facebook and this is a great idea. On the boats people that come out have a great time and are always taking photos and I think this is a great way of reaching a similar demographic through an interesting campaign. So we are going to try it out and Liza has promised me it’s going to work. If it doesn’t work she is going to be back in the chair and she’s going back up there for the rest of the day.

Liza: Oh my goodness! So Graeme we always ask our guests to share a joke at the end of the episode. So what’s the joke you want to share with our audience?

Graeme: Our joke for the audience is you sitting up on the mast. If it doesn’t work we are going to put Liza right up the top of the mast and leave her there for the whole morning and it won’t be as nice of a day as this.

Liza: So are you saying that I’ve become the joke for this episode?

Graeme: Absolutely.

Liza: Oh my goodness. Look what I have to put up with to share marketing ideas with you guys. Anyway we hope you have enjoyed this episode and Graeme thank you so much for having us, we had a ball and we looking forward to working with you guys.

Graeme: Absolutely and thanks for being such a great sport.

Liza: Cheers.

Graeme: Thank you. 

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