Educate Your Customer to Build Customer Loyalty

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Liza Choa shares these simple video ideas on how to educate the customers to build customer loyalty.


Liza: Hi this is Liza bringing to you 52 marketing and promotional ideas for your business. Today I am at the very very yummy Chaska Indian Restaurant in Neutral Bay. Next to me I’ve got Radhika whose one of the co-founders of the restaurant. Thanks for joining us. It smells so good in here I’m getting hungry.

Radhika: Chaska means food that is undeniably addictive so once you’re at Chaska you’ll always come back to Chaska because you’ve been Chaskered.

Liza: So what I want to share with you is the marketing idea for this episode. So Radhika what we do in every episode is we share a marketing or promotional idea that a small business owner can implement. So what we want to share today is about educating your clients, something that is beyond what you offer. So for example, if you are a personal trainer you can show people how to stretch properly or if you are a restaurant owner you can teach people more about the country of origin. So one of our clients is a Brazilian restaurant what they do is they educate people all about Brazil and different travel places to go in Brazil or you can educate people on the ingredients that you use. The reason why a business would want to do something like this, to educate your clients, is it increases people to value what you’re offering and the bottom line is to increase their customer loyalty. So they can differentiate your business to other businesses that have similar services. So with Chaska, do you guys do something like this?

Radhika: Well Liza actually we do what we try to do is educate our customers about what Indian cuisine is like. Our food specialises in one region of India which is the Northern side of India which is Banjar. And what we do with our customers is we educate our customers about the spices that are used. There is a perception that Indian food is not quite healthy but it’s not quite correct. The spices we use are natural, they are fresh and the ingredients help you in a lot of different ways. So what we try to do is tell our customers that so we have a list of the spices that we use in our restaurant and we actually talk about the health benefits that you get form consuming these spices. So on a normal curry what are the ingredients that would go in. And one of the things that we do when a customer is ordering food is we provide that service to give that personalized one on one, preordering service where we discuss the meal, the meal options and what the customer would like to try to make that a complete experience in terms of what we have to offer. So we sort of tailor the meal to the customer’s desire or want.

Liza: Awesome, I must say talking to yourself and your Husband and learning all about this I definitely appreciate Indian food a lot more and the health benefits that come with it and it definitely increased my loyalty to you guys.

Radhika: Just for an example we had a customer here yesterday and they wanted to have some tea. And one of things in conversation when we did the whole dinner plan yesterday was the question, “When do I have the tea?” Well if you’re having a ginger tea or masala teas you have it at the end of the meal because then what you get is the digestive properties to help you with your meal at the end. So then the customer ordered the meal and said, “Yes we will have the meal at the end then if that’s how we’re supposed to do it.” So we get that a lot.

Liza: Fantastic I was so impressed when I saw this to the extent of what you guys have done. So this is a perfect example of how you can educate your clients about additional things that you guys do and you can do it on a broacher, you can have it on a website, you can create a YouTube channel to talk about it. So there are many different mediums that you can use to relay this type of information. So at the end of each episode we always invite our guests to share a joke with our audience.

Radhika: Okay so for that I think I will call my lovely Husband and he will give us a joke. I’m not the funny one.

Liza: Okay so now we have the other half of the couple here who is also the cofounder of Chaska restaurant. So I believe you have a joke to share with our audience, one of your favourite jokes.

Raj: In India in a classroom some kids are studying and the teacher comes in and asks one of the kids and says, “Hey you stand up, you tell me where the Himalayas are.” And he said, “I don’t know.” And to punish him he said, “Go and stand behind the bench over there.” And he says innocently, “Will I be able to see it from there?”

Liza: That’s cute so do you get your clients to sit at the back so they can see the Himalayas?

Raj: They can try but they won’t be able to see them.

Liza: But they will see yummy food instead.

Raj: Yes.

Liza: Cool, awesome well thank you so much for joining us. Well I hope that you found this episode useful and if you want to get more marketing and promotional ideas for your business stay tuned for the next episode. Bye bye!

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