Catherine Engelbrecht: IRS Targeting and Voter Fraud, True The Vote

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Nov 08 2017 25 mins   1

Catherine Engelbrecht is the founder and President of True the Vote, a conservative non-profit that monitors voter fraud. Catherine has been at the forefront of shining a light abuse by the IRS on conservative organizations. Catherine's group experienced IRS inquiries, audits, FBI visits, visits from OSHA, ATF, the State of Texas Environmental Agency when she submitted for tax-exempt status and has since been a leading advocate fighting against government discrimination against conservative groups. Catherine has appeared before Congress, the Senate Judiciary Committee and has been seen on many media outlets, including countless appearances on Fox News.

On this episode of Whiskey Politics, we discuss the IRS targeting conservative groups like True the Vote, the IRS settlements and their admission of their discrimination against conservatives. We also cover why President Trump's Commission studying voter fraud has stalled due to numerous lawsuits by Liberal groups. Why it's been reported that Elijah Cummings actively communicated with the IRS about True The Vote and may now be facing up to five years in Prison. We also discuss whether the Trump Administration's Justice Department would investigate bad players.

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