GGS - A Life Reinvented: Mama Ormie

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May 09 2019 11 mins   1

We were so excited to send our Publisher, Sarah Cait Sawyer, to Dallas to meet Lecrae’s mother, Momma Ormie. She returned from her trip to tell us all about the amazing woman she was blessed to meet. Momma Ormie speaks candidly about being a single mother, finding herself again, and, of course, what Lecrae was like as a child, we can’t wait to share their conversation with you. So pull up a chair and join Sarah Cait and Momma Ormie for margaritas and guacamole...

Words by Sarah Cait Sawyer

Read by Nancy Peterson

Cover Image by Justin Clemins

Original Theme Music by Kyle Carpenter & Wilder Adkins

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