America’s Cheese Addiction, Dairy’s Dark Side, And The Benefits of a Plant Based Diet – With Dr. Neal Barnard

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May 15 2019 48 mins   12
Dr. Barnard, who founded the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine in 1985, has spent his professional career speaking, educating and spreading awareness about the benefits of veganism, as well as the life-threatening dangers that come with consuming dairy, meat and cheese. In this episode of the Bottom Line Advocator Podcast, Neal joined Bottom Line President Sarah Hiner to discuss the following: How Dr. Barnard’s career shifted from psychiatry to nutritional science (1:55 – 5:07), Dr. Barnard’s dairy warning (6:54 – 12:25), , Why dairy, meat and cheese are still recommended by major medical associations (15:18 – 17:52), Do European countries deal with the same dairy problem we do? (17:53 – 19:08), America’s very real cheese addiction (21:55 – 28:08), Why major multimillion-dollar athletes are going vegan and how that change has impacted their performance (28:09 – 30:07), Are all dairy foods created equal (milk, yogurt, whey protein, milk substitutes)? (30:20 – 37:48), If we can’t consume dairy, how do we maintain strong teeth and bones? (39:22 – 40:30), What does Dr. Barnard eat for breakfast? (40:30 – 41:05), BONUS SEGMENT: What does Dr. Barnard think of the “Impossible Burger”?