Be in Wellness Panel Discussion-how to use holistic healing for chronic pain conditions.

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May 15 2019 76 mins   6

In  this episode, Kim and Erik hit the road and are part of the Be In  Wellness panel at the Wu Healing Center in West Hartford, CT. Kim is the founder of this panel and they invited Erik to join them as a wellness speaker for the month of May. 

Erik  discusses how holistic healing helped him on his own journey and how people can create a healthy lifestyle and heal chronic pain conditions. 

This was a special event as it fell on our friend and former Be In Wellness  panel member, Dacia Jackson's birthday who recently passed away on  November 6th of 2018.  A special meditative moment is at the end of the episode in her memory.

You can watch the entire event live on the Healing Is In Your Hands Facebook page.

Background info on Erik:

Erik  has been on a journey with holistic healing since he was a teenager  where he has used a variety of holistic healing modalities to heal  himself from spinal injuries, Lyme disease, and digestive issues. It is a  comprehensive approach using diet, exercises, meditation, affirmations,  supplements, herbal remedies, qi gong, Chinese medicine and more! This  healing approach focuses on the individual, working with the body, mind,  emotional, and spiritual levels to find the healing within!

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