#166 - S. Song 9: The Enemy of My Enemy...

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May 19 2019 30 mins   615
The Jin Empire is all at once ripped apart from 4 different directions all at once: Shandong rebels from the east, Khitan from the northeast, Mongols from the northwest, and Tanguts from the West. So they decide to go the only direction left… and invade Southern Song. Time Period Covered: 1208-1217 CE Relevant Historical Figures: Song: Emperor Ningzong Chancellor Shi Miyuan Minister Zhen Dexiu Jin: Prince Wei Emperor Xuanzong Commander Hesheli Zhizhong Councilor Zhuhele Guoleqi Mongol: Genghis Khan Red Jacket Rebels: Yang the Saddler Khitan: Yelu Liuge, puppet-Emperor of Liao Dazhen Kingdom: Heavenly King Puxian Wannu