Episode 5: Chasing vs. Attracting and Dating Fabio (ft. Anika Reitman)

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Nov 03 2016 50 mins   4

What separates the men from the boys? Is it worth it to put yourself out there? Gabi and John discuss unconventional dates, ignoring the red flags in a relationship, and the biggest thing to block potential. And for pete's sake -- what's it like to date FABIO?

In the fifth episode of their live call in show, John Kim (theangrytherapist.com) and Gabi Conti (@itsgabiconti) are at it again -- dishing out great advice and offering up their own experiences as they discuss life, love and hit the phone lines along with guest Anika Reitman (@anikacorinaa) from Catching Kelce! Let's go!

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Music in this episode is by Kevin Hartwell and Kenzo, used under a creative commons license.