Artificial Intelligence: a force for good?

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Sep 04 2015 57 mins   7
Is artificial intelligence force for good? For many, the term Artificial Intelligence, conjures up images of sci-fi movies and humanoid robots, more often than not of malign intent. Yet the reality is that the spectrum of A.I. encompass everything from Siri, Facebook M and smart keyboards to drones and self-driving cars -- in other words, we are already using A.I. in our day-to-day lives, often without realising it. In this roundtable co-hosted by SwiftKey and Index Ventures and held at Second Home in London, AI experts from academia, the private sector and the literary world, discuss how we can maximise the opportunities and manage the risks which lie ahead in the space. Our guests include: -- Calum Chace, author of “Surviving AI” -- Jun Wang, Reader, Computer Science, UCL & co-founder MediaGamma -- Martin Mignot, Principal, Index Ventures -- Ben Medlock, co-founder SwiftKey -- Alexandre Dalyac, co-founder, Tractable -- Dr Yasemin J. Erden, Lecturer/Programme Director Philosophy, St Mary's University -- Martina King, CEO, Featurespace Read more about the roundtable discussion in a story by Natasha Lomas: "Not Just Another Discussion About Whether AI Is Going To Destroy Us" >