Podcast 83 – Crack to Cure – ED Thoracotomy


Crack to Cure
All the way back at podcast 36, I discussed traumatic arrest in the ED. In that episode, I laid out a general approach to patients coding from trauma, in this one I discuss only the performance of the procedure of ED thoracotomy.

This lecture was given at the 2012 ALLNYC EM Conference.
Here are the videos from the lecture:

* ER thoracotomy.MP4 - YouTube
* Open Thoracotomy - YouTube
* thoracotomy.flv - YouTube

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* Why You Should Consider Empiric Clamshell

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* John Hinds on Crack the Chest, Get Crucified

Nice Diagram
I quibble with some of this, but it is beautiful none-the-less

from @learnEDjon
Most Recent Guidelines from EAST
Full Text of EAST Resus Thoracotomy Guidelines

Strayer's Summary Slide


* If cardiac wall motion or pericardial fluid, go forward--if not, don't. From Surgical Lit
* Review Article Paulich and Lockey (BJA Education 2020;20(7):242)

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