Ep. 203 - Jon Gabriel on "Trump as the New Normal" and then David Carter on Media, Abortion, Religion and Trade

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Jun 14 2019 48 mins   18

While not technically a Whiskey Politics episode, we thought our viewers and listeners would appreciate hearing a 2-fer from two of Ricochet's favorite writers who we interviewed at Real Side Radio, where I'm a guest host (on the GCN Network, heard on 52 terrestrial stations nationwide and 3000 satellite). First up is Jon Gabriel, Editor in ChIef at Ricochet.com, Contributor at USAToday and AZRepublic as well as the co-host of the popular podcast The Conservatarians. Jon discusses why the "arrogant" anti-Trump Conservatives have got it all wrong (and Jon was never a Trump fan) and how the world is now following America's lessons in how to fight back. Follow Jon's popular Twitter feed at http://Twitter.com/exjon. Then the voice of Radio Deplorable, the always thought-provoking raconteur David Carter who discusses everything from media malfeasance causing 'the tide to turn' with voters, Kirsten Gillibrand's abortion politics, Trump's trade policies, religion and his recent article on Ricochet. You can find Dave at http://DaveCarterOnline.com and his Twitter feed at http://twitter.com/DBCarter62. Find both Jon and David's writing and podcast series at http://Ricochet.com.



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