Conflicts of Interest: Carving out Time for Genius Hour on the Way to Common Core

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Jun 04 2013 11 mins   15
Highlights and commentary from the 5/21/13 #Edchat on the Genius Hour and the challenge of balancing student-directed learning with the mandates of the common core curriculum. Follow:@blairteach, @tomwhitby @angelamaiers @bamradionetwork Angela Maiers, teacher educator, author and consultant, has spent the past 22 years working to help learners of all ages succeed by recognizing their power as readers, writers, and global communicators. She is an active blogger and social media evangelist. Her cause is called You Matter @angelamaiers. Nancy Blair is a school improvement consultant who frequently worked with the High Schools That Work. Tom Whitby is contributing Editor at SmartBrief, founder of #Edchat,Twitter-Using Educators, and NYSCATE Network.