Leave Bitcoin Alone!

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Jul 10 2019 12 mins   2

I’ve said for years now and on several other peoples channels over the past few months to leave bitcoin alone! I feel its plan B against corrupt or failing central banks, governments so WE can maintain our wealth and ability in commerce. I feel it’s a horrible way to pay for coffee yet an incredible store of value and the most important invention of my lifetime. Yet with its volatility, slow speeds, high costs and a core team that can accidentally destroy it overnight, does it make sense for Bitcoin to be the only crypto we use? I do a brief video here for you to spark a conversation on why I feel we need to leave the underlying Bitcoin code alone and focus on 2nd layer solutions or other crypto’s in general for payments or other blockchain solutions. Let me know what you think in the comments below but above all keep an open mind and realize Bitcoin is incredible already! God Bless and don’t forget to subscribe and tell a friend! 

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