Nuking The Moon: Great Spy Ideas Way Less Successful Than Apollo 11

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Jul 19 2019 33 mins   55

When Neil Armstrong announced that the Eagle had landed on July, 20, 1969, the world listened. The first moon landing in July, 1969, was the culmination of a presidential resolution firmly anchored in a wartime -- albeit a cold war -- objective.
Far less known, until now, are the many military plots and schemes aimed at countering the Soviets that never made it off the drawing board--even though many were as technologically ground-breaking and breathtaking in their boldness.

The stories of these amazing plans are revealed in Vince Houghton’s new book: Nuking the Moon, and other intelligence schemes and Military Plots left on the drawing board.

Stratfor’s Chief Security Officer, Fred Burton, spoke to Vince Houghton about what worked and what didn't.