Red Metal: A World War III Thriller with Mark Greaney and Rip Rawlings

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Jul 29 2019 17 mins   104

An interview with Mark Greaney (author of the Gray Man series of thrillers) and Lt. Col. H. Ripley Rawlings IV. Together they have written a gripping and realistic action thriller in which World War III emerges as a conflict between the West and Russia. 

In this novel, Russia creates a three-pronged front - testing the US military capabilities - in a gamble to lay claim to a rare mineral mine that will give Russia primacy over the entire world’s technology.

Combining geopolitics, cover-to-cover action that include battles in the air, on land and sea, with  great camaraderie among a small and desperate team, Stratfor's Fred Burton says he was hooked to the last page.