Radio War Nerd EP154—Brazil's Military Dictatorship & 2018 Elections

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Oct 27 2018 147 mins   79
Guest: Brian Mier, editor Brasil Wire Recorded: October 23, 2018 On the eve of Brazil's 2018 presidential election between the neofascist Jair Bolsonaro—a zealous fan of Brazil's military dictatorship—and leftist Fernando Haddad, the War Nerd invited Sao Paulo-based journalist Brian Mier on to walk us through Brazil's political history of the past 70 years, the military dictatorship that ruled from 1964-85, and Brazil's most important political figures from Getúlio Vargas and João Goulart, to urban guerrilla leader Carlos Marighella and Brazilian dictator Humberto Castelo Branco Lulu . . . Later in our interview, Brian explains how the "impeachment" removal of Brazil's center-left president Dilma Rousseff was actually a coup not dissimilar from previous Brazil military coups, and how the key weapon in this coup, Brazil's "Operation Car Wash" corruption investigation, got a lot of help from the usual suspects in Washington DC . . . Read Brian Mier's work at BrasilWire. Follow BrasilWire on Twitter